Naval Commission - Officer Candidate School
Active Duty: 2010-2022, Lieutenant Commander

 1830 Intelligence Officer
Information Dominance Warfare Pin
Staff Liaison Officer
Tactical Operations intelligence
Shipboard Firefighting
Imagery Exploitation Analyst
3A1 Targeteer

About Jessica

Jessica Kalei Sheffield graduated in 2008 from the University of Florida with a BA in East Asian Language and Literature. Working as a contracted Educator for NASA at the Astronaut Hall of Fame in Cape Canaveral FL from 2008 to 2010, she was soon accepted to Officer Candidate School (OCS) and joined the United States Navy in December of 2010.

  Following commission from OCS in March 2011, she landed a hot fill as OZ Division Officer onboard USS George Washington home ported in Yokosuka, Japan from 2011 to 2013. She earned her Information Dominance Warfare pin and qualified Anti-Terrorism Tactical Watch Officer, Officer of the Deck (In-Port), and FLAG Intelligence Watch Officer while completing two deployments and serving as MSI officer, SSES Officer, and INSURV Officer during her two-year tour. 

LTJG Sheffield went from sea billet to shore billet and spent three years at JIOCEUR Analytic Center in Molesworth, UK as the Maritime Watch Officer from 2013-2016. She started a self-help and analytical monthly cinema group called Bellinimation, which operated both locally and remotely during her three years in the UK. She also hosted the WWII Veteran march and POW/MIA remembrance ceremony for two years at the Twinwood Music Festival ( ). She also volunteered for an Individual Augmentee position in Shallow Fall for 6 months during this billet, returning to the UK with a Joint Commendation Medal (JCOM). During this time, she contracted with Frederator as a YouTube Illustrator and worked with Cleaver Creative as their Adobe Photoshop Expert at Watch Me Work. In the last year of her Navy billet, she uncovered systematic shortfalls and deliberate dereliction of duty being covered up by the security augmentation of the base and risked her career to bring attention to it, which earned her a second JCOM before departing the UK.

From 2016-2018 LT Sheffield served as Targeteer for Carrier Air Wing One at Naval Air Station Fallon, NV. She completed two deployments onboard USS Harry S. Truman within Carrier Strike Group Eight, earned 3A1 qualification, completed her O-4 milestone tour, completed the first draft of Clara & The Nutcracker, and managed a $25k renovation project for her Fernley property. Departing NV, LT Sheffield attended the three-month Asia Pacific Hands course at Naval Post-Graduate School Monterey before continuing to US Naval Forces Korea in Seoul, South Korea.

Originally slated to work with the J2 in USFK, LT Sheffield ended up filling in for the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission Liaison Officer position at the United Nations Command Military Armistice Commission (UNCMAC). What started as a temporary position became permanent at the behest of the UNCMAC Secretariat, whom she served as Executive Officer for 6 months. LT Sheffield was promoted to Lieutenant Commander (LCDR) during this billet.

She continued Bellinimation remotely and renamed it to Cinema Aficiona ( ), which hosted weekly meetings that centered around moral and spiritual analysis of classic media and literature for the purposes of self-reflection and personal improvement. Between her Navy jobs, she produced, wrote, hosted, and directed a high fantasy heroic tabletop adventure titled The Rise of Balxiros ( ) from July 2020 to February 2021 and published her first paperback novel, Clara & The Nutcracker ( ), in August 2021.

After leaving Korea, LCDR Sheffield took orders to serve as the N2 of Command Submarine Squadron 9 (CSG9) at Trident Base Bangor, WA. She also served as the N2 for Commander Task Force 114.3, SSBN arm of the Nuclear Deterrent Triad in the Pacific. She was forcibly separated from the Navy on 25 May 2022, receiving an honorable discharge for refusing the unlawful order of the COVID injection.

In April 2023 she started a weekly newsletter called The Works ( ), and hosted the first live Cinema Aficiona panel at Megacon 2023. She has been since featured as a panelist at both Anime Matsuri in Houston TX, and Megacon in Orlando FL, hosting over 500 people at her presentations (

Jessica served as creative consultant and vocal coach for KeyBlack Studio’s remaster of Welcome Home ( ), which has been viewed over 3 million times on Youtube. She produced, co-wrote, and directed her first music video with Keyblack Studios called Behind the Curtain ( ), which boasts over 1.3 million views since it’s premier in June 2023.

In July of 2023, Jessica returned to Kyoto Japan where she visited the Kyoto Golf Club and toured the Kamigamo Golf Course. The course was designed by her grandfather, the Military Governor of Kyoto from 1945-1950, Army Major Harold C. Sheffield, who partnered with contractor Sadaichi Adachi ( ) to build the course in 1948. A longtime advocate of Japanese and American cultural exchange, she was hosted by the Kyoto Golf Club, interviewed by the Kyoto Shimbun ( ), and is returning to Kyoto for a historic reunion of the Sheffield and Adachi families in the Spring of 2024.

In March 2024, Jessica launched a new weekly video series to augment The Works ( creative newsletter, which now boasts over 120 articles.

Jessica continues to work on various creative projects while offering consulting services in the subjects of illustration, animation, singing, writing, language, career, and lifestyle.

She has lived on three continents, visited over 20 countries, speaks fluent English, elementary Japanese, abysmal Spanish, and currently serves as the CEO of Metanoia Creative ( ).


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