Our voice, and thus, your body, is your instrument: Ensure you are performing at the highest level. Combined over 20 years of voice coaching, singing, and voice acting experience, these sessions are designed for everyone from amateurs looking to start their singing career, to intermediate vocal professionals, and even seasoned veterans looking for a fresh perspective.

*All Lessons are conducted in English

Why Hire Us?

Mixed Show Choir · Choral Ensemble · Theatre Production · Solo Performance · Sweet Adeline · Youtubers · Voice Actors · Acting and Emoting


Individual Session


30 minutes of voice training with your choice of targeted goal: Voice Acting, Choral Singing, Solo Performing.

Monthly Session


One session per week.

To strengthen your voice and give you lasting tools to improve your performance, diction, and tone, this comprehensive plan will cover many aspects of vocal performance.

Special Sessions


Consulting Call

We will tailor a specific training plan to your needs. Subject to availability.

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